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During the summer, your air conditioner is under considerable strain to combat high temperatures and high humidity. This strain can quickly lead to poor cooling performance, high energy bills, and an increased risk of a serious AC breakdown just when you need your cooling system the most. Knowing the signs of a struggling air conditioner allows you to take quick action to contact your 24/7 air conditioner repair service for the help you need to address some of the most common summertime cooling issues. Handling serious AC repair issues quickly will help you save money and could even save your air conditioner from requiring replacement during the hottest days of the year.

Ice Formation

Ice formation on your air conditioner is a sure sign that it needs attention. While you may think that ice development means efficient cooling, icicles or frost on an air conditioning unit actually mean the exact opposite. The most common cause of frozen AC coils is dirt and dust buildup on the filter or inside the air conditioner, which restricts airflow and causes the system to struggle to draw air in for cooling. Ignoring this issue can quickly lead to extremely high energy bills, poor cooling performance, and a growing risk of a system breakdown due to burnout.

Frequent Cycling

When your thermostat senses the need for cooling, it prompts your air conditioning system to activate. As the temperature in your home drops, the thermostat shuts down the AC until it is needed again. While you should expect your air conditioner to run more on hot days, the system should run longer under these circumstances, not more often. If you notice that your air conditioner seems to activate for only a few minutes, then shut off and activate again a short time later, this is a sign that it is not cooling your home properly and needs professional air conditioner repair. Frequent cycling is extremely hard on your AC and an inefficient use of energy as well, causing a drastic rise in your energy bills without providing the home comfort you need to combat the heat.

Disturbing Noises

Air conditioning systems are associated with some noise while they run, but sudden loud or disturbing noises you haven’t previously heard typically indicate that air conditioner repair is necessary. These noises, which may consist of banging, clanging, squeaking, grinding, or squealing, are caused by damaged, loose, dirty, or poorly-lubricated parts inside your air conditioner. While one damaged part is easy to repair, it’s important to consider the risks associated with leaving these noises unaddressed. The longer a damaged part is allowed to remain in your air conditioner, the higher the risk that it could cause damage to the other moving parts around it, quickly increasing the scope and costs of your air conditioner repair needs. Rather than allowing these sounds—and the problems causing them—to persist, it’s best to call your 24/7 air conditioner repair service to handle the issue promptly.

When you notice changes in your cooling system’s performance, it’s a sure sign that professional AC repair is needed. We are available for 24/7 air conditioner repair in Lee County, FL, to help you address cooling issues quickly and properly to restore home cooling, prevent major breakdowns, and avoid high energy bills that strain your monthly budget. Our website has more helpful information regarding our services and current specials and coupons; you can also find additional home cooling tips and information on our blog.

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