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Cape Coral, FL Sewer Line Repair

Most homeowners do not give any thought to their sewer lines until a problem occurs. However, sewer lines are an important aspect to your home as they transport waste water from your house to the main sewer system. Usually, if you are aware of the signs of a forming issue, a severe sewer line problem can be avoided. Keep an eye out for common warning signs of a sewer line problem, including a gurgling sound coming from a drain or water backing up out of a drain.

technician servicing an outdoor drain

Our Technicians

ARS/Rescue Rooter plumbing technicians are equipped with a special cable used to clear common clogs in sewer lines; you may have heard this tool referred to as a snake. Our technicians can also use a specialized video camera to perform an inspection in order to diagnose exactly where the problem exists within the sewer. The camera inspection can also identify if there are tree or plant roots in your pipes.

ARS/Rescue Rooter prides itself on fast, professional sewer line service. Our Cape Coral plumbers understand the importance of a quick response, and they are available 24/7 for your emergency sewer line needs. Contact us today at (239) 561-0026​ to set up your appointment!

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