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Fort Myers, FL Drain Cleaning Service & Drain Repair Service

Clogs in the bathtub, sink, shower or toilet can be caused by many different problems including food waste, grease, food waste, baby wipes, and hair. To prevent clogs, we recommend watching what you put down the drain. However, even if you are extremely careful, your drains may begin to build up, slow down and clog.

DrainRight® Drain Maintainer, exclusively offered by the ARS®/Rescue Rooter® Network, can combat deteriorating drain performance. By preventing clogs before they can form, it actually maintains your pipes and helps to prevent drain problems.

closeup of water draining into a kitchen sink

What We Offer

ARS/Rescue Rooter® also offers you an effective and safe method to clean your drain pipes and return them to near-original capacity. Our unique Scour Jet ® service is cleaning process that uses high-pressure to:

  • Remove years of debris that can build up in your drainpipes
  • Blast your lines clean so they run like new
  • Perform safely on all types of plumbing

Our Scour Jet ® service is backed by a one-year warranty—call (239) 561-0026 for complete details.

Our experienced technicians come equipped with the tools to fix your broken or clogged drain. Contact us today by calling (239) 561-0026 to request an appointment.

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