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Plumbing Behavior

Sewer line problems can bring your entire plumbing system to a halt, disrupting your daily schedule and putting your home or yard at risk for water damage. When you call your Fort Myers plumber for help with a sewer line issue, the sewer line repair process begins with a full assessment of your home’s plumbing to find the cause of the problem. Our plumbers offer sewer line repair with camera inspection services to speed this process and find exactly the right plumbing solution to ensure you problem is solved correctly and quickly the first time.

Every drain in your home funnels water to your single sewer line, which carries this wastewater to your municipal sewer system for further treatment. Thus, when your sewer line is partially or completely clogged, you’re likely to experience problems with the plumbing throughout your home, rather than an issue that remains isolated to a single fixture. A sewer line clog often causes problems to appear in your toilets first—your toilets may gurgle, bubble, flush slowly, or even overflow frequently. Other plumbing behavior that can signal a sewer line clog includes backups in toilets, tubs, showers, or sinks when the plumbing elsewhere in your home is in use. When you call your plumber to diagnose your problem, he’ll take this behavior into account to determine whether the cause could be your sewer line.

Visible Signs

If your sewer line is breached by tree roots or deteriorates to the point of springing a leak, your plumber can often diagnose this issue based on visible signs present in your yard. Sewer line leaks allow wastewater to seep into the soil around the damaged area of pipe, which can lead to lawn damage that leaves the ground underfoot feeling consistently wet or spongy. Your plumber will also look for changes in the health of your lawn, such as isolated areas of overgrowth or changes in color that might indicate excess water in the area.

Camera Inspection

Because your sewer line lies under the soil of your yard, it is normally impossible to inspect the pipe directly. However, when you call your Fort Myers plumber for help, he’ll bring along a camera inspection system that allows him to visualize the entire length of your sewer line to find both the type and the location of the problem you’re facing. During a video camera inspection, your plumber will extend a long, flexible cable with a camera at the end down the length of your sewer pipe. Clear real-time images from this camera allow your plumber to quickly and accurately diagnose your sewer line problem, then make recommendations to solve it based on this knowledge. Rather than trying several solutions to see which eliminates the problem, a camera inspection is an easy option that will ensure you and your plumber have all the information necessary to make the right choice for sewer line repair.

We understand the trouble a clogged or broken sewer line can cause. That’s why we’re proud to offer sewer line repair with camera inspection in the Fort Myers area. Whether your sewer line has developed a clog, experienced a collapse, or been invaded by tree roots, video camera inspection is a vital first step in the sewer line repair process. You can find out more about sewer line repair and drain cleaning in Fort Myers on our website, where you’ll also discover more tips and information about your plumbing system on our blog.

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