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In the past, thermostats employed mechanical sliders or dials for use when adjusting the temperature inside your home. These devices simply displayed the current temperature and made it possible to set your desired temperature higher or lower than the reading to create the home environment you wanted. However, thermostat technology has progressed significantly in recent years, allowing you to choose both the HVAC system and the thermostat control option that is most functional and convenient for your home. If you’re still using an older, inefficient, or confusing thermostat system to drive your home’s heating and cooling, opting for new thermostat installation could help you save time and money while enjoying an even more personalized and comfortable home environment.

Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats are the simplest available thermostats today; rather than using a mercury thermostat or wire coil to determine temperature, digital thermostats use a small device called a thermistor to measure temperature and display it digitally. Additionally, digital thermostats use buttons or touchscreen technology to allow you to adjust the temperature, typically in whole degrees. These thermostats are easier and more accurate to both read and adjust than older manual models, which make it difficult to determine the exact temperature you’re setting and affect both your home environment and your heating and cooling costs. Digital thermostat installation is a simple job that your HVAC service can complete quickly and for little cost to greatly increase the quality of temperature control in your home.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are considered a technological step above digital thermostats. These thermostats also use thermistors and digital readouts for temperature display but also allow you to create and set heating and cooling programs that control your furnace and air conditioner. Programs take the effort out of remembering to change your thermostat settings and the need to do so on a regular basis—creating programs that call for more or less heating and cooling based on your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule make achieving greater HVAC efficiency and enjoying lower energy bills simple and effortless. Just like digital thermostat installation, purchasing and installing a programmable thermostat is simple and does not require you to upgrade your HVAC system at the same time. However, if you are making upgrades to your heating and cooling system, it’s also a great time to consider purchasing a programmable thermostat to get the very best performance out of your new appliances.

Wireless and Learning Thermostats

The newest type of thermostat on the market are wireless and learning thermostats. These devices incorporate all the benefits of programmable thermostats, but also incorporate wifi and even “learning” technology that takes convenient temperature control one step farther. Wireless thermostats are accessible from any device that connects to your home network, allowing you to make changes to your thermostat from any room in your home or even any location on the globe. Learning thermostats function like programmable thermostats at first, but will record and learn your schedule and your temperature preferences over time, eventually taking over thermostat control when you allow it to devise the very best heating and cooling program for your lifestyle and your home to achieve the greatest comfort and efficiency possible.

We are pleased to offer new thermostat installation in Cape Coral, FL, regardless of whether you are upgrading your HVAC system or simply wish to enjoy the benefits of a more modern thermostat solution. You can check out our thermostat, HVAC, and indoor air quality products on our website, where you’ll also find past blog articles containing more tips, information, and heating and cooling industry news.

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